This a very breaf warning to all the young ladies who are always interested in young rich guys.


As reported by a Facebook user “Onyinye Chi”.

She apart her fellow girls that the land is no longer level for those who fall for the money. She also warned them that “Yahoo Boys Are everywhere right now that they should be careful on who day accept as their boyfriend or Lover this days”.

She also made it care to all the girls that the issues now is that ” their poor boyfriend may also use them as ritual for them to get money ” That they should not jump from relationship to another because no one is to be truated this days.


Her friend also made it clear on the comment that those girls that sleeps around with rich guys should be very careful.

That the “YahooBoys” Are also using girls undress wear for their money boasting rituals. That “whenever you are sleeping with a strange guy you don’t know very well that you should not remove your undies or you keep it safe after removing it because they may change it with another one..





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